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The water is crystal clear but is the water chemistry balanced?  Is that crack in the deck behind the diving board something I should be concerned about?  Let us answer these questions for you.

Whether you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool or have owned your pool for years there is now a company that can help you sort through all the confusion.  Here at Clear Blue Pool Inspections we only perform two services, inspections and orientations.  We have no hidden agenda, we do not benefit in any way for finding a problem with the pool or equipment.  Our hope is that the pool is found to be in good working order and ready for you to enjoy.

Inspections Include:

The Pool Equipment
Pumps, Motors, Chlorinators, Heaters, Blowers, Timers, Automation, Etc.
Pool Surface
Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass or Plaster finish, Tile and Coping
Pool Deck
Deck Surface (Concrete, Pavers, Flagstone, Wood, Etc.)
General Pool
Handrails, Ladders, Diving Board, Slide, Lights, Cleaners, Water Features, etc.
Safety Features
Ropes, Alarms, Yard Fence and Gates, Covers, Safety Fence, etc.
All reports have detailed digital pictures of the pool and equipment and any problem areas.
Leak Detection
An optional test that can be performed on all opened and running swimming pools.  




We are located in Burlington county and we serve all of South Jersey, from the Princeton and Lawrenceville areas to Carneys Point.  We have even expanded to include the shore communities from Long Beach Island to Cape May.



May 2015 is

National Water Safety Month

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Check out our interview about pool safety on NBC 10's

"All That and More" with

Tracy Davidson

Please see the bottom of our About Us page for more information.



 Clear Blue Pool Inspections, LLC

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